Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gourd Festival 2012 was a success with a rockin' Gourd Goddess

Visitors, volunteers and artists thank you all for making the 11th festival of 2012 a success.
We had 350 to 400 visitors for the festival and 200 people at the potluck lunch.
The chili was donated by Red Cliffs and then there tables with all the goodies brought in by the visitors.
A feast as always!
As was the festival, with lots of different gourd art and gourd displays.
It was the most gorgeous day with blue sky, sun and hardly any wind!. The latter very important because gourd don't weight much once they are dried. They tend to blow of the display table easily and break or crack on the pavement. Something you want to avoid as gourd art artist and lover.

This years Gourd Goddess was our town clerk Ali Fuller and she was very organic looking with her gourd dress, including the cradle-board for the new-born gourd baby. A humorous follow-up on the 'pregnant' Gourd Goddess from 2010  (We skipped the festival in 2011).

Thanks to local Tricia Ogilvy we had a puppet show. She and her son Whiley, who has a great opera voice, entertained both kids and adults with a story about a singing dragon.

Children on bikes wearing cute gourd hats, created during a workshop organized by Faylene Roth, were  leading the parade, followed by Gourdy our gourd giant. Materials for the workshop were donated by Wabi Sabi in Moab!

No parade without the Town's fire trucks with their sirens and a refreshing water spray .......

A colorful float......... 

The Gourd Goddess 

and the local's with their tractors....... 

No Gourd Festival without the official 'Royalty Portrait':

Carol Delaney had a line of kids waiting to be face-painted

And of course, no festival with festive folks:
Our loyal GJ ladies (up) and some of the locals: 

For more photos go to: CVGF 2012

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