Thursday, August 9, 2012

To gourd artists and vendors of raw gourds

Just a note to inform you that this year’s Castle Valley Gourd Festival is on Saturday, October 20.
We had to skip last year, but we are back and wanted you to know this ahead of time.
As soon as the invitations are ready, we will send you one with more info.
We hope you are motivated to have a booth this year with wonderful gourd art and / or raw gourds.
And please, only gourds, no other products.
Not a gourd artist? Maybe you feel like making a gourd piece to donate to our Silent Auction. You don’t have to be a gourd artist to make a piece.
For info on the silent auction contact Trish:
Of course we hope you feel like doing both!
No matter what, feel welcome to come to the festival!